Facebook launches Graph Search, no Facebook Phone

Facebook Graph SearchPutting rest to the Facebook phone expectations, in an event at the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park- California, Facebook launched the Graph Search. Now what is Graph Search and what has Facebook built so amazing into this. Let’s see-

Facebook Graph Search is just an improvisation step from Facebook Inc., to make users’ search inside Facebook with ease and have fun. We really unaware about the name relevance, but what we know is Graph Search has amazing features.

With Graph Search, people can lookup anything they’re shared with or have shared with others in Facebook. For instance, you can look up friends who liked the same page you liked; you can find places where your friends have been; your friends from your home town, college, school or even neighborhood. The personalized search has gone to a new level with Graph Search. More features listed below, #FacebookGraphSearch with Mark’s video on building Graph Search.

How it works?

It’s simple to use like Google search, just type the thing you want and explore. E.g., Search for “Photos my friends took in New Delhi” and it will show you friends’ photos which are taken and tagged in New Delhi. Similarly you can look-up for restaurants, movies, places, music, companies and much more.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the design and engineering behind Graph Search and here is what he said.


As per Mark, Facebook is now a place to discover new things and Graph search is a new pillar for Facebook like Timeline. The graph search is in beta and limited to some US users. But you can join the queue and be the next to use this amazing feature.

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Some more features are –

  • Lookup the photos you’ve ever liked in Facebook
  • Search the music, bands and movies your friends like
  • Search new places to go for a trip
  • Lookup the cities your family or friends have been
  • Friends at your company
  • Friends who share the same habit as yours, like horse riding, skiing, diving, etc.

Now as many Webbers asking, “Can Facebook Graph Search beat Google search?

We think Facebook Graph Search is not at all in the race to beat Google, as it helps people inside the Facebook only. You can not look for a company until it has a Facebook page or any of Facebook friends has been into it. Facebook does have a huge user base, but you can’t search articles, blogs or reports in here like Google. I don’t think Mark would be interested to expand Graph search like Google search and only intends to retain users in Facebook.

Now the Facebook phone, which we forgot to mention in above, may not really be coming now. We really thought the idea to be innovative but weird and it would be great if Facebook can only socialize people.

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