Maldene: A World, an Adventure, an Epic

Maldene - An Epic

Maldene is the start of a brand new epic and is unlike any fantasy you have ever read.  But what is Maldene?  How is it different from other fantasy stories?  What makes Maldene… Maldene?  Read on for these answers and see why readers have compared it to fantasies such as Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, and even the stories of the legendary Homer himself.

Maldene is where it all takes place.  A world complete, one wrapped in magic, colored by life, but whose ancient foundations have been laid by something far more.  A mystical world of three moons, spaced around this orb such that every single spot on the entire globe sees exactly one at a time.  An odd mystery, but only one of the many background details that fill this world.  Like Tedelnosho, The Great Whirlpool that has been going on for all of recorded history, or The Sea of a Thousand Islands, the mighty thousand-foot trees of the forest of My-Thov, or the grand visage of the fabled Harbor of the World, a port known by all as the intersection of a hundred cultures- many of which we get to meet.  Elves, Dwarves, the sea-going Thirdocians, hundreds of creatures and races, including dragons and fantastic creatures aplenty.

A land of variety, color, and spectacle.

But this is mere backdrop to our epic little play, for there lurks a shadow whose hand has reached across every corner of the world… and far beyond.  A wizard named Miro, whose evil and cunning have no peer, whose goals can only be hinted at.  His power could have long since subjugated the world, and yet despite his obvious ambitions he has not.  Why not?  What are his real plans?  And why do even the gods themselves fear crossing his path?  Is there something they know and are afraid to tell?  Exactly how deep does Miro’s evil run?

It is exactly such questions that shall lead a group of adventurers out into the open light of truth.  Headed by the young wizard Sabu, the carefree elf Eldar, and the psychic Sindar, they shall be the first in a very long time to dare raise a hand against the ancient evil, and join with a mysterious King as he sounds his call to arms.

But this first Maldene novel (published as Volumes 1 and 2) is just the beginning of our epic tale, its first chapter.  For here is a story that spans a full 13 such novels, journeying around the globe, across far dimensions, and even through time.  A magical epic that will see hundreds of characters, many fantastic realms, and dozens of other worlds.  A story that will see magic meet with ancient science, a rare mix of Fantasy and Science Fiction in a world detailed enough to nearly be real.  In short, an epic that defies short description.

“A world beyond time… an adventure beyond imagining.”

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