Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Elegant Themes and Divi

When someone opens your website, maybe he will be amazed because the theme he saw in the first time could always be remembered. But if he visited your site for a second time, three times, or more, maybe he will get tired of seeing your site the same as at first sight. Then, how to keep your website look attractive and visitors are not bored to come again, and again? The right choice is to use a beautiful and interesting theme, in addition to updating the course content of the website.

But beautiful and elegant design is not enough to create a website become better known. Each theme must also be equipped with a set of powerful tools that will spoil you with enhanced functionality they provide. For example Divi page builder that uses drag and drop method with everything you need to build a customize page. This is what you get when using the theme of elegant themes diverse and lets you get a lot of options to address any issues on your website.


Features contained in it are as follows:

  • General. In this setting you can’really’ any set content in the website with this theme. Pre-made color schemes, change the layout of your blog, slider control displays your articles, and much more.
  • Layout settings. With this feature, youcanmodify theinfo andwhat will be displayedon the front page, post-info page, the option to enable /disable comments on posts and pages, the ability to change the dimensions of your thumbnails, option to enable /disable the thumbnails in the posts, index page, and many more.
  • Search Engine. Add custom meta title, description and keywords for each individual part of the theme can be done with SEO. In addition,you also can activate canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content filters
  • Element colorization. jQuery will provide color selection quick and easy so you can easily customize the colors of various elements of theme. Usea variety of color, can further provide a sense of ‘addiction’ to visit your website.
  • Support documentation. This is designed to make it easier for users to find the installation instructions and trouble shooting guide associated with each theme. Included is a readme file for each theme, trouble shooting guide and links to the video tutorials. So no more difficulty in the use of
  • Navigation management. Choose which links to display, adjust their display order, disables top tier links for purely organizational dropdown menus and more.
  • And many more.

Many things you can improve by using features that facilitate your website for better known on the internet. WordPress has been thinking about all the possibilities that occur on your website.

Once again, elegant theme giving a number of features with ease with a good functional and use a smooth, unlike the other wordpress promotion only at the beginning, but in reality does not match what was said at the beginning of the campaign.

In the end, the elegant package of this theme you can enjoy in your website at a price of $ 39. After registration, you can enjoy unlimited access to improve your website in the eyes of search engine optimization. Are you ready?

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