Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Pre-diabetes Diet Tips and Prevention Plans

Are you a Pre-diabetes person? Then, you may need pre-diabetes diet tips to prevent you getting the actual diabetes. In a pre-diabetes person, the blood sugar he or she has is raised but it is not in the range of diabetes. When this pre-diabetes is under treatment, it is considered that 15 to 30 percent of them who have pre-diabetes will go to get the diabetes type 2 five years after the diagnosis. That’s why prevention actions are important to do in order to avoid the type 2 of diabetes. A healthy diet and frequent exercise are the key points in this case.

For you who have gained pre-diabetes diagnosis, it will be perfect for you to take diet which is filled with foods with high fiber, low fat and low calorie. It means that you need to consume more vegetables, fruits, lean meat and whole grains. In this pre-diabetes diet tips, you should avoid fats, additional sugars, and artificial sugars as well. Since the aim of this diet is to make your blood sugar level in such steady stage, you should take foods with low and moderate Glycemic Index such as whole grains and wheat, sweet potatoes, vegetable noodles, low fat milk and others.

Moreover, to make your pre-diabetes prevention plans work in the right path, you should combine it with regular exercise. As suggested by American Diabetes Association or ADA, someone who has pre-diabetes problem tend to do 30 minutes exercise at least 5 times a week or it will be better if the exercise is done regularly every day. You can do activity of all type including strength training, walking and others. Such exercise will be able to remove extra sugar from the blood system by burning your energy up. Now, you can start to follow these pre-diabetes diet tips for your health sake.

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